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April 2023

Hyperion Selected as Finalist in Duquesne Challenge for Underground Cable Monitoring in Pittsburgh

With hundreds of millions of miles of electrical cables worldwide buried beneath our feet, the need to maintain and look after this critical infrastructure is essential to our daily lives.

As the cables age, it is important to monitor these cables to allow for proactive maintenance and provide a safe environment for those who work to ensure we have the electrical power needed for today's connected society.

Duquesne Light Company's Monitoring Electrical Cable Challenge seeks novel solutions to monitor and detect precursors to failure in underground Medium Voltage Power Cables.  The challenge focuses specifically on monitoring the health of Paper-Insulated (PILC) and Solid Dielectric (EPR) based cables and applications when both types are used and spliced together.

Hyperion has been selected as one of 2 finalists from over 20 teams, to install our tFITs cable condition monitoring system in a test cable circuit.  The system will be evaluated over 6 months, when the final winner will be chosen

Feb 2023

Hyperion's 3rd patent is issued - US 11592496

Hyperion also files it's 4th patent application

Jan 2023

Helios v3 Alpha Release - Asset Condition Visualization and Modelling platform

The Helios visualization platform allows true Digital Twin functionality combined with Hyperion's AI enabled dynamic asset management and life prediction module.  The system allows the utility to be proactive in maintaining assets as well as having a more data-informed methodology for repair and replacement decisions, as well as for capacity and loading.

Nov 2021

Hyperion's 2nd patent is issued - US 11175351

June 2021

Hyperion's  Helios v2 Release - 3D Asset Visualization and Data Analysis Software

 The Hyperion Helios platform now allows for 3D visualization of the asset as well as historical data trends - providing more information on asset management and maintenance.

July 2020

Hyperion Helios v1 Software Release - 3D Visualization Software for Asset Monitoring

Hyperion's first 3D visualization software allowing users to 'see inside' the asset being monitored - like an X-Ray - a complete thermal view of the inside of the asset, allowing for quick visual identification of hotspots and other issues.

Dec 2019

World's First Smartest Transformer with tFITs inside goes Live - at Elexicon's W. Gillespie Substation in Beaverton, Ontario

Nov 2019

Hyperion's 1st patent is issued - US 10473706

Aug 2019

Release of Hyperion's First Smart Distributed Sensing System -

Hyperion is proud to announce its tFITs10 - the first distributed sensing system specifically designed and built for utilities - a truly smart asset is now possible for the first time!

July 2018

Hyperion files its 3rd patent application

August 2017

Patent #2 Filed

Hyperion files a second patent covering its technology and its application in transformers

July 2017

Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) Award II

July 2016

Winner of Ameren Accelerator Program -

Hyperion wins the inaugural Ameren Accelerator challenge - an incubator for energy related startups held by Ameren Corp in St Louis, MO - Hyperion is one of 7 winners from a global competitor pool of over 200 companies

February 2016

Patent #1 Filed

Hyperion files its first patent - based on its innovative application methodology for high voltage systems

December 2015

Winner of Ontario Centers of Excellence (OCE) SmartSTART Award

Hyperion wins its first award for one of the best start-up companies in Ontario, Canada

November 2015

Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) Award

Hyperion was awarded its first research grant from the Canadian government's IRAP program, based on its innovative technology and vision.

July 2015

Founding of Hyperion

In July 2015, Anselm Viswasam and Gerald Manuelpillai had a vision to help build a truly Smart Grid.  They decided to combine their expertise in the power industry and fiber sensing arena, to create a unique technology aimed at power utilities, to enable gathering of data from deep inside any energized high voltage asset.

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