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Hyperion’s innovative solutions allow you to manage your assets more effectively, helping optimize your response to fluctuating temperatures as well as extreme climate events. 24/7 condition monitoring provides peace of mind and intelligent asset management options.


A complete monitoring solution for all key grid assets, allowing for effective management. Reduce or defer capital expenses, reduce maintenance costs through streamlining maintenance schedules, and increase capacity, and throughput, safely and reliably, all using actual data in real-time.

Dark tunnel in old uranium mine in Poland


Thermal monitoring of key power systems, monitoring bulk conveyor systems down to individual rollers and bearings, monitor ventilation and environment systems for safety, all using completely safe and inert optical fiber.

Nuclear power plant reflection on the water


Thermal monitoring of high-temperature components up to 500C, even inside high radiation or high EM environments.

With Hyperion's technology, you can gain valuable insights into resource usage and efficiency, allowing you to make informed decisions and adopt environmentally conscious practices. By implementing Hyperion's solutions, you can help solve climate change and contribute to a healthier and more sustainable future. Adopting Hyperion's technology is a step towards a greener future, and a responsible way to manage your assets.

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