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Technology to manage climate change impacts

Hyperion is a continuous, distributed condition monitoring system, providing real time data and intelligence to proactively identify and mitigate problems with your energy assets before they occur.

Hyperion strives to make advanced technology user-friendly. We focus heavily on application engineering to ensure that implementing our advanced systems is done in a seamless manner, in line with existing operational systems and practices.

Technology Driven Solutions

Dynamic Asset Management


Using the intelligence from Hyperion’s system now allows operators to carry out more intelligent dynamic performance management of their assets, as well as proactive and cost-effective maintenance and repair activities. Knowing the true state of the asset at all times, through real data, enables operation with a greater degree of certainty.

True Digital Twins


Using actual, live data, we can recreate a true digital twin of the asset – unlike current state of the art, which relies on a few, limited points of data, and use modelling to create ‘pseudo’ digital twins, Hyperion can create true digital twins, based on thousands of points of actual, live data, resulting in more accurate results.

Proactive Maintenance


Hyperion’s software takes the large volumes of data gathered by the system and applies machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to generate useful and actionable information and alerts, thus reducing the need for operators to carry out these tasks.

Lifecycle Prediction


Using Hyperion's advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to analyze the large volume of data generated by our system, can generate useful and actionable information to help operators better understand the life expectancy of their assets under different operating conditions and environments.


Our Story

Hyperion was founded out of the need to address the gaps that exist in our current understanding of how high-voltage assets perform under different conditions. Effective management is limited by the lack of data from deep inside the asset. Hyperion developed technology to eliminate this gap and provide thousands of data points to allow a ‘true’ understanding of asset performance.



Our Solutions

What if your multi-million dollar assets could tell you when they’re too hot or about to fail? Hyperion has created a way for you to understand the health of your equipment in new ways. With our patented technology, we are able to make your device tell you its innermost secrets, with continuous monitoring and data insights generated in real-time.


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